Poll: Who do you want most as our next manager?

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Who would be your first choice?

  • Graham Potter

  • Scott Parker

  • Ten Hag

  • Rafa Benitez

  • None of the above - comment below

  • *Marcelo Bielsa

  • *Ralf Rangnick

  • *Ralph Hasenhüttl

  • *Steven Gerrard

  • *Julen Lopetegui

  • *Christophe Galtier

  • *Marcelo Gallardo

  • *Oliver Glasner

  • *Ryan Mason

  • *Maurizio Sarri

  • *Gian Piero Gasperini

  • *Mauricio Pochettino

  • *Antonio Conte

  • *Eddie Howe

  • *Gareth Southgate

  • *Nuno Espirito Santo

  • *Paulo Fonseca

  • *Gennaro Gattuso

  • *Ernesto Valverde

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The next manager needs to be a cunt. Fire a rocket up the players' arses. The tactics will sort themselves out. We've got enough quality at least in the first XI.

Seven Sisters

Hold my beer....
I confidently predict my eight year old daughter will be the next Spurs manager. She will take over from the retiring Sir (honorary knighthood) Antonio Conte in 2051, after his long and distinguished career at the helm of Spurs, in which he leads us to an unprecedented 84 major domestic and European titles.

It could happen, right?


EDIT: Sir Antonio, on retiring, also claimed a remarkable 21 straight league victories in the NLD without conceding a single goal. The extraordinary run was only arrested by Woolwich’s relegation in 2032, and their subsequent financial liquidation (due to a combination of Aubamayeng’s £2m per week, 25 year contract and a drop in sales of half-half scarfs and half time oat milk lattes)
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You're welcome

Like you, I had a feeling before he left Inter and that was who I wanted. And stuck with that vote and championed his corner the whole way.

Shame on all of you who didn't vote Conte.



More shame on those that changed their vote to whatever useless wet prick we looked closest to getting at any given moment. Just so they could either "be seen to back him" or appear to have made the right call.
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