Pre Assist

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Hmmmm, no what’s stupid is you asking me to pay you so you can register on a website for a computer game, which you claim has all the pre assists for Spurs players

Because you can’t find that info anywhere on any sports data site on the entire internet.

Why? Because it’s called “passing”
Whatever Sammy - 99.999999999% of people on the forum know that Pre-Assist is a thing (even if it is a bit stupid) - there's only one daft prick that won't admit it exists.

Can you figure out who the daft prick might be?
Looking for "Sammy the Daft Prick" ... not even one, afraid you're just not that interesting.
Yet you’re the only one bumping the thread.

I bet you thought all the proper sites would have the data you wanted.
They do actually, it’s all lumped in with “total passes” though, as it’s just a pass.
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