Pre-Season 2020

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The Euros haven’t been enlarged though? It’s the same amount as last time. They can’t exactly reduce it now, when most teams are already qualified and the fixtures have been decided
Euros were enlarged by the buffoons for 2016 to 24 teams - up 50% from 16 teams.

Yet with 24 teams they still want qualifying rounds before that ?

And trying to fit a 24 team tournament into the summer is a problem at the best of times (Euros 2016 started 10 June and finished 10 July and 4 weeks later PL started - meaning players compromising on the pre-season (which really needs to be a minimum 6 weeks) with 3 weeks for player holidays to fit into June.

Better to go back to 16 teams - benefits players fitness and (dare I say it) the clubs who pay for the players who provide the entertainment at Euros.

Both FIFA and UEFA suffer dramatrically from corruption - not helped by too much money swilling round in them, yet they want more £'s by enlarging both euros and WC despite it being proven they cant even manage properly the money they already have.
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