Pre-Season - Colchester v Spurs Wednesday 21 July, 19.45

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It will be a crime if we dont use Skipp as much as possible this year. Last year's player of the season (who played every game for the winners) in the Championship, home grown, in a position we are crying out for some ability. I thought he was a cut above before he went to Norwich - but that loan has made him an even better player, working under an excellent manager in Farke who trusted a loanee to be the engine room of his side
Winks makes a mistake

I've seen more cohesion in both first half matches this pre-season than I did at any point last season.

Every match under Jose looked like random 11 players who never played with each other before.


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Tbh.. If he truly loves Spurs and wants to see us do well.. then he should think about leaving and getting game time elsewhere.
All this he loves Spurs is bollox , I fucking love spurs but don’t see me getting £80k a week for being afraid of the ball ! I would much rather some cunt hate spurs but puts in 100% effort every game and is a decent addition to the squad over someone who loves spurs and is shite! Don’t get me wrong got nothing against winks but he isn’t good enough for a team that wants to take the next step up!
"We look shit... Nuno's a dinosaur... Winks HAHAHAHA.."

We're winning 2-0 after 20 minutes, playing some nice stuff and having a comfortable run out

"It's only Colchester FFS... Pre-season means nothing FFS..."
Skipp has more awareness in midfield than Winks and Dele combined

I'm not sure what Dele's long term career will look like, but I can tell you for sure it's not on the left side of a midfield 4-3-3. It's a strange place to use him (Poch did, but that was only in the dire days of us only really having Winks and Sissoko).


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It will be a crime if we dont use Skipp as much as possible this year.

I tend to agree but we also have to remember that he is just 20 and hasn't had much, if any, PL experience so far. He looks like the real deal but we need to be sure that we are smart with him, and that people remember that he is still developing. We don't need any Skipp is shit comments when he isn't lighting up the pitch in his first few games.

Let's hope he does but I hope more that he gets a fair amount of opportunities and that we don't ruin him with too high of expectations.
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