Pre-Season - Colchester v Spurs Wednesday 21 July, 19.45

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Formerly Known As Fatty1mate
Tbh.. If he truly loves Spurs and wants to see us do well.. then he should think about leaving and getting game time elsewhere.
All this he loves Spurs is bollox , I fucking love spurs but don’t see me getting £80k a week for being afraid of the ball ! I would much rather some cunt hate spurs but puts in 100% effort every game and is a decent addition to the squad over someone who loves spurs and is shite! Don’t get me wrong got nothing against winks but he isn’t good enough for a team that wants to take the next step up!
As the commentator said, you can still see signs of if the coaches' system is settling with the players and what he is saying is getting across in a friendly.
Yes, but all teams are repetitively practicing their formation(s) during training and Nuno would not have put on more than an entire team of players - for the second game in a row - who will hardly feature during the regular season if such pre-season matches were so important for teaching formation and tactics...
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