Pre-Season - Colchester v Spurs Wednesday 21 July, 19.45

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Great to see Skipp back in a Spurs shirt. He plays it simple when he should, and plays it forward when it's on. He looks unflustered/unrushed but is still alert to opportunities and to danger. His decision making is very good, especially for one so young.

Today was his first game back from a significant injury but he still showed his class, playing like someone much more experienced. He doesn't do much that's spectacular (although that cross field pass was tasty), but he finds the right solutions. I suspect it was no coincidence that we lost a bit of control second half when he went off (Dier and Son were the others who were subbed at half time).

I'm even more convinced he's ready for the prem after today: he can play with Hojbjerg easily I think.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
I really do think CCV can play for a bottom half PL team. He's not quite good enough for us, but I think he'll have a career.
Despite what some might think, you don't get 113 games in the Championship by being bad at football.

He has his limitations but he seems to know them and plays to his strengths.
Of the relatively "unknown" players, this is my take (and yes it was a friendly so hard to assess players):
Paskotši looks a bit lightweight to be considered a CB (which is listed as) but did fine at the RB.
Olome, at LB, looked light-footed for a big guy, although he didn't contribute much on the offense. Would have liked to see him as LCB.
Cesay looked very gangly, like bambi on ice
Lyons-Foster was played out of position as RB but did ok but would like to see him at CB.
Fagan-Walcott looked solid at CB
White, for now, seem a bit lightweight for the EPL.
Devine didn't do much apart from running around a bit and showing grit.
Clarke was rather invisible but hardly got any passes
Parrott was drifting around in "nowhere-land" (he didn't seem to have a specific position)
Nile John and Scarlett, both looked sharp.

No Lusala, Lavinier, Eyoma, Muir, Cirkin, Bennett,

PS! Again, it's a friendly game, so I don't worry that much about the score or the performances (particularly senor players) that much
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