Prediction for 2021/2022 PL final standing

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We will be placed ....

  • 1st- miracle! Kane stays and help us to our first premier league title!

    Votes: 13 7.9%
  • 2nd -4th ... champions league! Here we come!

    Votes: 10 6.1%
  • 5-6th ... Europa league... still a slight improvement

    Votes: 57 34.8%
  • 7th... not again!

    Votes: 18 11.0%
  • 8-12th... boring season... we are beating the relegation team but losing to the others

    Votes: 52 31.7%
  • 12-17th. we survived relegation! What a dogfight till the end!

    Votes: 11 6.7%
  • Relegation ...Daniel Levey... u asshole!

    Votes: 3 1.8%

  • Total voters
As the most neutral and dispassionate person here, I can't see it being any lower than 6th, with 5th being the most likely. 4th is possible, depending on Kane staying or finding a good replacement.

Mourinho-ball is dead and buried (doesn't matter how defensive Nuno might be, it won't be "parking the 747" type of defensive like the special lunatic). West Ham will drop a lot due to having Europa League, Jamie Vardy is getting old and I can't see him scoring double digit goals again, Everton are Everton, which should be enough, add Liverpool fan #1 Benitez to the mix and it will be a disaster. Everton fans to set their own stadium on fire by December, when Benitez shows his red christmas tree decorations on Instagram, is my prediction.

On the other hand, Woolwich will benefit from not being in Europe, while Spurs travel midweek to Narnia to play Spartak Unicorn or something 🤔
People don't seem to think we have a chance at top 4.. like 5th would be over achieving, and 6th or below is under achieving.
There's no par for us this season apparently when listening to Spurs fans, pundits or whatever.

Really I want to see us hit 70+ points this season, which would probably be enough for top 4.

Seems people think that City, United, Liverpool & Chelsea have guaranteed top 4 places and are in fear of their squads. Bollocks to them.
Reality is, there have been strong top 4 squads in the past but the points required for top 4 has been 66-79 points for the past 13 seasons. For 9 of those 13 seasons, 70 points would be enough for top 4.

It's not like those 4 teams will all be getting 80+ points. I'm not having it when people suggest we aren't even in the top 4 conversation. We drop points tomorrow, people will be talking about a fight for a Europa League spot.
Nonsense. We are better than people like to think and teams worry about playing us more than the other sides populating 5th-10th places.



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Depends who we manage to shift this window and Kane’s replacement but anything around 8th would be a good achievement looking at our squad quality


The official position is that Kane isn't going anywhere. There has been no official confirmation of a bid from Man City and the only tangible evidence of anything is Kane saying he would like to play with Kevin De Bruyne and win trophies. So would millions of schoolkids.

Even Man City themselves don't think it's going to happen:
I've read that Man Utd are planning to go in hard

How is 8-12th the highest voted here? Fucking hell Mourinho has done a real number on this club, our own fans don't even rate the players we have anymore. Any manager could get this group to top 6, no problem.
People are doubting Nuno way too much. We have talented players, they just need some confidence and freedom. We all like to shit on Dier and Sanchez but it's clear they have talent under the right manager.

Based on preseason reports it sounds like players are fit, happy and enjoying Nuno. I can see us surprising a lot of people this year. I pick us 5/6 because City, Chelsea, United, LFC and Leicester are going to be very tough but no reason we can't be right up there fighting for top four with them.

And for the last time, stop saying Nuno is a poor man's Jose. It only makes you sound ignorant like you only listen to the media and not actually look into Nunos career outside of last season.
He’s failed in every job he’s had. Admire your optimism but it’s wildly misplaced and actually when boiled down you’re still saying 6th. Which is shit. If he’s a good choice it would be 4th.
Sixth is shit in a rebuilding year when we are going against oil clubs? You're the type of guy who can never be satisfied obviously.

Failed at every job? Apparently taking Wolves to the PL and EL is a failure? Taking middle LaLiga side to the CL is a failure?

I get the goal is winning trophies but he's never been at a club that was in a position to actually compete to win trophies since he settled in as a manager.
This is how Levy wins. Suddenly 6th is awesome. Righto
No idea what you're on about? Never said it was awesome, said it was my prediction and it's a step up from last season. I would love top four but realistically looking at the teams around us, we need 2-3 more players.

But you're right, let's just make it all about Levy brainwashing fans.

What a twit you are. 😂


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It seems a little early for this not knowing who the manager is, but if it is Nuno, Martinez or Mason like it is currently looking like I would say 8-12th, with a real shot at 13-17th.

If we got Potter I would bump it up to 7th.

If by some miracle we got ETH then I would say likely 5-6th with an outside shot at top 4 because of how late he would be coming in and inability to make the transfers we need.
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