Prediction for 2021/2022 PL final standing

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We will be placed ....

  • 1st- miracle! Kane stays and help us to our first premier league title!

    Votes: 13 7.9%
  • 2nd -4th ... champions league! Here we come!

    Votes: 11 6.7%
  • 5-6th ... Europa league... still a slight improvement

    Votes: 57 34.5%
  • 7th... not again!

    Votes: 18 10.9%
  • 8-12th... boring season... we are beating the relegation team but losing to the others

    Votes: 52 31.5%
  • 12-17th. we survived relegation! What a dogfight till the end!

    Votes: 11 6.7%
  • Relegation ...Daniel Levey... u asshole!

    Votes: 3 1.8%

  • Total voters
Like to see Jack have a chance, but not expecting much, at least not right away….
I'd like to see a bit more aggression in his play; see him hold on to the ball a bit more and get into the opposition penalty area like Grealish does. It's close control and quick passing that wins games these days not balls from 40 yards out. The kid's afraid to take players on:

He might actually benefit from playing in the first team with players like Son, Moura and Kane who can get him playing a bit further down and make him feel more at home in the opposition penalty area.


I have no idea as to whether I am really pissed off or really excited.

On the one hand we had boring Joseball and the meltdown, the ESL and then the absolutely shit show of a manager search. We then appoint Paratici who according to a few articles pushed Levy to get Nuno over Potter against most board members view even after Levy had talked about the DNA of the club (Potter who likes attacking possession football where as Nuno is more of the Jose school.). All of this has been as bad a mess as I have seen the club in my 30 plus years of following them.

On the other hand we have some brilliant young players like Skipp, Sess, Scarlett, John, Devine coming through. We have Paratici to be fair linking us with really decent players and looking to move out the deadwood and the stadium might be able to host the football, NFL and Boxing with full capacity soon.

Whatever happens I will probably judge on our style of football. If Nuno keeps his words and try’s to at least half entertain I will probably be happy mostly. If it ends up another AVB or Jose season I will be grumpy. As for Levy I would advise him and Uncle Jose to back Paratici and get some good players in if he wants to win back fans.
BBC pundits make their predictions.

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Nedum OnuohaMan CityMan UtdLiverpoolChelsea
Lindsay JohnsonMan CityMan UtdChelseaLiverpool
Jermaine BeckfordMan CityChelseaMan UtdLeicester

Not one has us in the top 4!!
People are doubting Nuno way too much. We have talented players, they just need some confidence and freedom. We all like to shit on Dier and Sanchez but it's clear they have talent under the right manager.

Based on preseason reports it sounds like players are fit, happy and enjoying Nuno. I can see us surprising a lot of people this year. I pick us 5/6 because City, Chelsea, United, LFC and Leicester are going to be very tough but no reason we can't be right up there fighting for top four with them.

And for the last time, stop saying Nuno is a poor man's Jose. It only makes you sound ignorant like you only listen to the media and not actually look into Nunos career outside of last season.
He’s failed in every job he’s had. Portuguese + defensive + no trophies = poor man’s mourinho. You keep hearing it for a reason. Admire your optimism but it’s wildly misplaced and when actually boiled down you’re still saying 6th. Which is shit. If he was a good choice it would be 4th or better. Stop kidding yourself.
It’s kind of refreshing going into the season with below, or neutral, expectations. I for one am just going to enjoy watching some hopefully good football and would love to see us hit the domestic cups hard this season. Wouldn’t mind being knocked out of the Europa conference league before it even starts. I would be content for a Europa league spot but we’ll see where we are Christmas. I don’t think anyone’s expecting us to do well so we just need to steady the ship and if we’re within spitting distance of CL spots at the end of the season, yeah never know
Anywhere between 3-7. Will depend massively on who our new manager is, what new signings we bring in, health of key players.
Too early because of the lack of a manager and hopefully some signings.

Assume however Kane goes and Son possibly. We get 5 players in.

On that basis and let's say Santo then top 10 and no better and possibly worse.

But complete speculative nonsense on my part because there are too many variables at present.
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