Premier League Fixtures 2021/22 Announced Wed June 16th at 9am.

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winning the title away at Livarpool...
Playing City first is not always bad. We have to anyway play them...rather in first game when they are physically not ready than later....
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Even if Kane is joining City this summer it won't be before we play City. Levy will be Levy and stretch the negotiations until the end of the transfer window. However we may have to deal with Harry " is not in the right frame of mind to play" and he will probably dodge the game
Was hoping they'd shift our boxing day match but hey, home game without any public transport outside of zone 6 is no biggie apparently. Each and every year.
But now it's on Sunday chances are it will be on telly. More money for the firm.
Does anybody have any stats about whether 3pm games on a Saturday are better attended?
I doubt it. There already two matches on TV on the Sunday:

14:00 Everton v Chelsea (Sky)
16:30 West Ham v Woolwich (Sky)

It will probably just be shifted to 14:00 on Sunday and not shown on TV like most matches that are moved if one of the teams played in Europe on the Thursday.
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