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I'd be up for doing a little historical digging - always fascinates me.

On a related note, according to multiple papers of the era - exactly 120 years ago to the day, August 21, 1897, our dressing room in Northumberland Park was ransacked and the players' pockets picked clean whilst they were in the middle of a practice.



Enjoy the Moment
Nice. I like the idea of a go to resource for Spurs.
As you say theres nothing really like that out there.
Bits of info all over the place.

No idea how useful i'd be but i'll help as much as I can.
(I'll try and reduce the "cunts" and "fucks" as well :))
Beleeive that when we see it !
Good info on Top Spurs and myfootballfacts if they help. And OhwhentheSpurs.

Yep, reality is there are many of these sites around already. I can't see that any one single site would be able to become the definitive oracle - sorry.

Best bet is to come up with a new angle - really not sure what though.Otherwise, as mentioned, I think it would be better to spend your time and energy helping Wikipedia - the audience is infinitely wider.
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