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Look at our most successful managers. A lot closer to Pulis than some of the names being touted at the minute.

I remember that no-one fancied Butkinshaw as a seemingly dour Yorkshireman but his teams were fantastic. A bit flawed at times but you certainly got your money's worth. And we were there or thereabouts for trophies.


Fucking pay me!!!
With his tracksuit, cap, and meticulous grooming, Pulis always reminds me of a suburban crypto-fascist. The kind of guy who gets a bit too excited at his kids' football matches, but saves the real emotional outburst for the privacy of his home, where he has untrammeled access to an "antique German" paddle he bought off eBay that he can take to his underperforming 10 year old midfielders.

The model tory pillar of the community who shovels his considerable salary into funding various hate groups that sow discontent in council estates a world away.

The smiling patron of the small suburban shop who is always gracious (but never jokey) with the cashier, regardless of his national origin, but immediately assumes the worst should any youth come in who does not meet his rigorous cultural norms.


I'm not saying Pulis is these things. I'm saying that when I look at him, this is what my imagination tells me about him.

(Watch he ends up being a trotskyist keeping the naxalites in clover)

Also... THIS. :contesmile:


On another forum In A Galaxy Far, Far Away (Spurs Odyssey), it used to amuse me when I quite regularly suggested Pulis as manager.

The reaction was mental.

It’s a great shout for whenever I want to leave the forum permanently.

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