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How do you define glory? When we were shit in the 90s was it glorious to avoid relegation? Would finishing in the top four now be glorious considering the level of players in the squad?
European Super League. Where do the cocks stand on the matter? Should Spurs want to be involved?

Also, why the shit didn't you publish my well-written thought-provoking, anti-knee-jerking piece, Flav? You promised...*breaks down in tears* (whispers) you promised.


I'm da bess mayne
With Erik Lamela the most we've ever paid for a player, why do you think he has had such a hard time getting his first premier league start?

EDIT: I think my feeble memory recalls this being discussed last episode, but it still is a real curiousity to me. Everyone else seems to have fit in and he seems the odd man out already.
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The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
Dear Cocks,

Given Lewis Holtby's cheery disposition, do you think that he has the capacity to ever feel sad? If yes, how do you think this would manifest itself? I think he would draw sadfaces with his poo all over the dressing room.


The Fighting Cock
Given Flav's habit of cutting people off and his ability to praise Campbell without sweating or retching, do you think he is a serial killer? If yes, what would be his calling card?
Who's the top spurs cult hero? the hipsetrs choice for not setting the place alight with dazzling skill, but has a spot in the heart for doing something great.
You are pulled aside and arrested by a policeman at WHL for using the 'Y' word, you have 3 choices of punishment:

1: 6 Months Imprisonment and all the criminal record shitstorm that comes with it
2. Lifetime banning order from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
3. Writing a letter of apology to David Baddiel and The Society of Whack Lawyers that is published on the Spurs Official Website

What do you choose?
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