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After literally pulling Helenius' pants down against Aston Villa and then getting involved in handbags with Torres, is Jan starting to develop a bad boy attitude?


I was in Baghdad when you were in your dads bag
You're in bed with a beautiful girl for the first time. Your one and only condom breaks mid intercourse. What is your next move?

inspired by Friday night


The stadium that Chivas USA and LA Galaxy use went from being Home Depot Center to StubHub Center. What would you do if Spurs sold the naming rights to the new stadium to StubHub?

(and by this I mean... what method would you use for dismantling it?)
Would you give up the last 15 years of your life to go back to a certain moment where you truly fucked something up and live your life from that point? Where you have fixed the moment in question?
If you were AVB would you punish Andros for his shockingly bad and pointless dive against the Chavs and what would your punishment be?

I'd go for bare arsed stingers by the whole squad and Freund too, because we all know 'Freund would destroy him'
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