Racism in football - Ndombele and Sissoko

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I agree with your premise that footballers are often talked about in racist terms (IE white players being "smart" and black players being "physical") but I don't think you're right on this at all. No need to explain why as it's been done for about 10 full pages now, but you're the one saying Ndombele and Sissoko are physically gifted but dumb when not a single Spurs fan or football pundit would ever say that about either. These are both extremely smart players. Ndombele is one of the most technically gifted footballers on the planet right now, Sissoko is not.

If you're not trolling seriously consider taking a step back and reflecting on this one buddy.


White Hart Pain
my take on this is the other types of bias:
Delcan Rice wrote a tweet glorifying terrorism when he was 19 (an actual criminal offence) and merely got a slap on the wrist from the football authorities.
Hamza Choudhury wrote some ghetto slang when he was 15 and got slapped with a formal disciplinary.
For lopsided shit like that I would abandon the international squad to be honest.


N'Koudou looked world class on YouTube

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