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ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
With barely a day to go - time to re-evaluate Levy and Paratici's actions in a summer of false promises and embarrassing loan bids

Poll allows for change of vote as we only wrap up tomorrow

I will reserve my final vote until then (currently a 4)
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Danboy Totter

This time next year rodders we'll be championship
If nothing changes then a 4 from me

I suspect the great start to the season is going to cloud a lot of people's judgement but if you look at it rationally it just hasn't been good enough and we are going to struggle over the course of the season

Especially if we are unlucky with injuries, no back up to Kane is bordering on criminal
If it stays like this, I'll go 5. Average. At the end of last season I was resigned to Kane leaving but we held on, got a top new CB, Gil looks exciting and got out a few of our deadwood like Lamela, Toby, Hart & Sissoko. Still a couple days though.

The Willy Watcher

The transfers we have made are great IMO, there’s just not enough of them. Romero looks promising and Gil actually looks like a decent player. We’ve invested in the future with him and Sarr. Gollini also looks like a good keeper. Much better than Hart.

Still short in couple of positions (ST, CAM and RB). If none of those are improved on today or tomorrow then it’s been a ’meh’ window.
Can't really judge until it's over. Can't really judge it until 2/3/4 years time and we see what becomes of Romero, Gil and Sarr. If one or two of them end up being top players then the window is a great one... If they don't it's not.

Woolwich's window is considered a bit silly at this moment, but if White, Lakonga and Odegaard end up being good starters for them over the next 5/6 years then what does the sneering of the past few weeks count for? I think we'll bring in another one or two and it'll ultimately be considered a good transfer window.
Adama Traore signing would make it go from average too good, but there’s still more work to be done. Why do we always go every single season with slight holes in the team. Why can’t Levy ever fully prepare our squad for a season. We won’t sustain this form with our current team
We always lag behind in bringing in replacements. A new starting CB was needed last season. Only now we finally bought Romero. Need a creative midfielder? Maybe next summer if we're lucky.
I feel it's too early to evaluate the new signings and the ultimate benchmark for a window's success is how well the players we brought in do and how well we do without the players we sold. That's something we're only going to find out as the season unfolds.

As I've said before, I want to see what Nuno can get out of our existing group of players before we a) give him a long-term contract and b) spend megabucks on players for his system. Too many managers have been all cashed up before a ball is kicked and they've done nothing for us. Too many big money signings have under-performed. Something has to change.

So far, Nuno is doing everything right and if things keep going that way we can start talking about new players. We've kept Harry Kane for him and replaced some of our older squad players with younger alternatives. He should take that as a win.
Depends on what your criteria is.

If it's just players in then it's average.

If it's players in, plus players out, plus players kept then it's good.

Too early to judge the players bought in but I like Gill, I like him a lot.
Keeping Kane for one more season is huge.
Getting rid of some (but not all) of the deadwood is also good.
It's too early to say considering we're still negotiating with Emerson. We've brought the best defender in Serie A, two promising young players, and got rid of nearly all deadwood. There hasn't been enough activity for my taste, but all the activity has been excellent. Average atm, could get upgraded pretty easily.
Ideally, transfer windows should be used to strengthen the first team or the squad. The last years, pretty much since Walker left for City, we have gone the opposite way. This window we may actually have found some improvements for now and for the future, in Gil, Romero and Sarr. They all have potential to make an impact in the first eleven. Gollini, as a backup for Lloris, looks much better than Hart.

However, as we are far from the richest club in the world, selling at the right time is important as well. To me it seems like we could and should have cashed out on Kane. Yes, he is an absolutely marvelous footballer, but if we could have gotten 150 million for him we probably should have. That sort of money could gave been used to get in some squad-improving and -refreshing talent.

And although we managed to out some of the ones who were no longer spurs material, we still have a couple of them left.

All in all, I'd say 5.
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