Ray Clemence RIP

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
RIP Ray.

I was at Wembley for his debut in the 81 Charity shield against Villa, he unfortunately made a bad fumble and dropped the ball for villa to score, didn't see him make many mistakes after that though.
I always said it took him a couple of months to learn how to be a proper goalkeeper when he came down to us, I could have played in goal with that Liverpool defence. :)
My first visit to Anfield was on his first return and have to give it to them, the kop gave him an amazing welcome when he came out for the second half.
Not often you find players retaining affection like that, he was a great player and a special man.
Although we lost, that was a very special away day for me. Week before we were to play QPR at Wembley so we were in a great mood. Then Hod put us in front from 30yds (youtube it), Clem's reception in 2nd half, only to be followed by 3 goals for them that won them the title. Atmosphere was something else all round. I still recall 'you can stick your f...... trophy up your arse, you can stick...' as they paraded it past us.
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