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Greetings from Chicago!

Love the podcast and love the way the show points listeners like me in the direction of great supplemental stuff like Dan Louw's Away Day and books like Vertigo (which I plan to grab soon).

On Episode 10, there was some discussion related to Alex Ferguson's involvement in the formation of the Premiere League. I want to learn more not only about his involvement, but the way things unfolded there in general, Any reading tips on the subject?

Keep up the great wok and COYS!

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I heard (was reminded) on Football Weekly that Alan Sugar had the deciding vote that gave football rights to Sky.



The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
Yeah, I may have mentioned that in the last podcast as well. Not sure on any books on the subject though.
It isn't reading material, but Sky Sports had a programme on not too long ago called "The Night Football Changed Forever" which was about how the Premier League came to fruition and all the behind the scenes stuff that led up to it from the prior 10 years or so. Very good indeed.
It is in Alan Sugar's book - he comments on the fact that he suggested it to the other chairmen and asked them to consider going with Sky rather than ITV / BBC as it would benefit every club with revenue, etc!!
The difference between what ITV would offer each club and what Sky would offer was massive and hence why all of them (barring David Dein and a few others) decided to go with Sky...
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