Reasons to be Cheerful

The new club shop? I hear it’s quite big...
On a serious note, the last 3 games have been unpleasant in terms of results, but haven’t we always started slowly under Poch before we find the gears & start churning out the wins?
The team will wake up (the sooner the better) & the results/performances will come.
And if they don’t, there’s always West Ham to laugh at. Reasons to be cheerful? You betcha.
7) The present. As annoying as our last three results have been, let’s not forget that this is one of the best teams we’ve had in many years. Remember when you’re upset at our form that we’ve still got at least five more CL games to enjoy, including two against Barca. As a 90s supporter this is the stuff of dreams. Whether we go out or go through, these are days to cherish.

Exactly this.

Last year I watched Tottenham play Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in the Champions League.
This year I'm hopefully watching Tottenham play Barcelona at the Nou Camp in the Champions League.
Imagine me saying that 10-15 years ago!

We've come a very long way in a relatively short space of time which is often overlooked.


Well I DEFINITELY needed cheering up after that last gasp loss at Inter. Kudos for good use of “numpty” by the way.
Me too mate!

I thought things couldn’t get any worse after the Dippers result but things did although it was a better performance
Almost makes Saturdays game game a ‘must win’ which is ridiculous at this time of the season
Our defence has to somehow protect Vorm


Me too. It’s more fun when we’re shit. It feels more normal. I’ve missed getting the piss ripped out of me when I walk in the pub like l play for the fucking team. Maybe a relegation battle and a run to the Caribou quarters to spice up the season? Failing that maybe a game played at our own fucking ground? That would do nicely.

I was going to give you a disagree there as I don’t miss having the piss ripped out of me at the pub

I was having a field day at mine when we won 3-0 at OT as there are several ManU fans there but daren’t go in at the moment after the last three results!

Teach me to keep my gob shut in future

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I bet we win a trophy this season.........keep the "every decade" record going.
Dont care which one, but Im going to whack a nifty on Spurs champions, while the chips are down.

In a month when we´ve spanked 5 teams, and Liverpool have found their normal level, it wont be worth it any more, the bookies will deep throating us


I would actually quite like to win the League Cup

Mainly to see opposition fans seethe when they realise we played the first round at MK Dons


Chin up Tottenham supporters?
With three straight defeats leading to talk of a "mini-crisis" at Tottenham and some bizarre comments from manager Mauricio Pochettino, you would be forgiven for thinking Tottenham had endured a poor start to the season.

But a look in detail at their results so far shows they are actually three points better off than they were from the corresponding fixtures last season, as well as having one point more than they did after six matches in 2017-18.

So despite their stadium not being ready yet, questions over Harry Kane's fitness and the worst run of results since Mauricio Pochettino took charge in 2014, perhaps it is time for a little perspective.

Points after six games in 2018-19 - 12
Points after six games in 2017-18 - 11
Points from corresponding fixtures 2017-18 - 9
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