Retro Spurs photos

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Andy was one of the nicest guys you would wish to meet, a walking encyclopedia of everything Spurs. Although he was a bit shy and quiet, once you got to know him, he was really good company and had a very dry sense of humour. My first meeting with him and his friends was my first visit to St James's Park, around 1983/84. There wasn't enough of us to charter a whole train, so we had a whole carriage on a normal intercity service. We played Trivial Pursuit - the board game - first time I ever played that; funny what daft things you remember.
I was so upset to hear of his passing, and was at the game (can't remember which one it was) when the Club paid tribute to him. He was only 54, no age these days. Gone but not forgotten.
Bloody love your stories Mrs. P.
Yeah, there is a sneaky one lurking behind a post, but it might be an ordinary member of the public or a geezer in drag.
I suppose it could just be the one near the post, with an extremely fat arse.

Still a good picture. Crying out for photoshop.
Amazing to think that Meathook's open day took place nearly 41 years ago!
I think that was the one where i got the photo with Peter Cook(it's up here somewhere).I also got one with Gerry Armstrong,but sadly cant find that one.My mate interviewed Peter Cook with a can of long life as his Microphone, prior to him playing in the celeb match.He played with a fag on the go the whole time he was on the pitch :)
The club should start doing these days again. It would help recreate the bond ,we as fans once had with the players.
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