RIP Ray Kennedy

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Anyone else there that fateful night in 1971?
We went straight from school and joined the queue which snaked up the Paxton Rd. When the gates opened the queue collapsed and we were in the ground at 6pm.
Loads of Goons all around the ground.
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I was a bit too young and putting his Woolwich career and damage he did to us to one side, I have to say I think he was one of the most underrated players of the time, especially after he moved to Liverpool, where Paisley converted him into a midfielder. In what I think the best top flight team of my time, he more than held his own, and I can't believe he won only 17 caps in a time when England were decidedly average.

Sad that like a lot of players of the time that he had to sell his medals and was effectively living from charity.
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