Roberto Soldado

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Came over as a nice guy but definitely one of the worst strikers I've ever seen at Spurs. Rebrov was better for instance. I can't understand why we signed him in the first place.

Worth noting too he hasn't been prolific since being at us, I don't think his confidence recovered.


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They all scored though!!!!

Booth was on loan I think, so hardly counts but yeah he was dogshit. Rasiak yep on par I'd say. Doherty didn't do too badly before he broke his leg, yeah he was crap but at least he scored a handful of goals, let's also not forget that he was also played as a defender! Campbell I never felt was a proper Tottenham signing, he came to us with Levy doing his absolute best trying to extract as much value as he could with Utd doing all they could to prise Beba out of the Club, the result was we got him, again he did score a couple from open play and we got £6m for him the following year.

Whatever the views are on Soldado, having him debated amongst that lot you've listed doesn't really elevate what he did for Tottenham.
Oh how I love to be pedantic, we didn't get £6m for Fraizer Campbell, we had him on loan with no option to buy. That was possibly the worst part about how badly United shafted us on that transfer, they might as well have just given us a Snickers as an add on instead, at least somebody might have gotten some pleasure from that.


He was pretty poor for us and the money spent on him means he was as big a flop as anyone in the past 30 years. That said I did have a soft spot for him, in his first season he was by no means great but did score 11 goals (which is still a low figure) but scored a hat trick right before a family issue. I really thought he was going to kick on from the hat trick but it wasn't to be. Under Tactics Tim he initially showed some use in a 442 where he appeared to have some ability on the ball in a deeper role but unfortunately he just couldn't finish at all. He certainly had a fair chance at Spurs, the fans were very patient with him as well but he wasn't suited to our league at all. He has spoken very highly of Kane since leaving and appears to have fond feelings about us which is nice. Vincent Janssen was a far worse player in my eyes, albeit a much more low key signing
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