Romford at Home: The 'insert name here' derby

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Very good performance aided by the spammers veing very poor indeed. Lloris catching balls makes me happy.

Vertonghen is class. So happy to have him on our books.
Good result and performance today. Don't think anybody had less than a 'solid' game. Really pleased that at no stage did we get penned in, they had moments of pressure but we didn't fall into the trap of just sitting deeper and deeper that we have on occasions before this season. Instead we looked comfortable on the ball and moved it around very nicely in the second half.

Three good goals and could have got a few more, crossbar twice and Jaaskeliniiennei made a couple of decent saves. Nice to see Dempsey offering more - that was the first time he has actually looked integrated in the front 4. You could feel the confidence rising in him as the second half wore on.

West Ham were pretty poor to be fair, but we despatched them well and didn't seem to get nervous even after the goal.

Hope we can carry this forward to wednesday night.

The general mood in the crowd today was 100x better even at 0-0

What's changed since Wigan at home?
London derby game.

To be honest where I sat (block 24) it was like waiting for a bus. Only singing when we scored with the usual miserable commentary the rest of the time.

Chuffed by the result though. Thought Walker looked much like the player from last season, Lloris has to stay as number 1 and Dawson was superb at the back. Still question marks over Hudd though.

Loved the line-up when it came through, very positive.

Happy days!
Well that was fucking excellent, wasn't it?

All this nonsense about tiredness after away europa league ties has been put to bed I hope.

Great spirit in the team today, even Dempsey looked quality today, his best game for us, and perhaps Adebayor isn't such a big miss, eh?
I was at the game today, but this line on the BBC match commentary is like music to my ears, and made it so much less nervous in the last 5 minutes.

"Tottenham have decided that attack is the best way of defending their 3-1 lead. Jermain Defoe and then Gareth Bale draw good saves from Jussi Jaaskelainen in the West Ham goal."

:vert: :kaboullol:


I actually thought atmosphere in the first half was flat and nervy as fuck. 2nd half much better but probably because we were winning. Which isn't ideal to be honest.

Also, huddlestone was great today. He's perfect in games like this against sides who don't have a very mobile or quick midfield and like to sit back. His range of passing really helped and there were a couple of fantastic passes that were very unfortunate not to create a goal.
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