Ryan Mason

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Wow, didn't expect that one. Good opportunity for him to develop. I wonder if Conte just saw an opportunity with him, or if this was somewhat pushed onto him.
Absolutely bricking it

Ryan still needs a lanyard round his neck to get into training....??!

Come on Levy, surely he's staff now?

on a serious level, this is great for him, and us....

He's the Vieira/Arteta to Conte's 'Guardiola'.... That's only gonna turn out well for him in the long run....
That sounds like total bollocks he can only have watched one or 2 training sessions. There's fuck all he could have seen, most of the training sessions are laid out well in advance anyway.

Club spin to explain them sliding in the boss's little mole in case Conte goes postal early doors.
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This will be great for his development. He can learn from somebody ruthless who will teach him that form and skill is a better trait than friendship.

My inner cynic is telling me that have Masoni in the coaching staff will quell the usual suspects going to the media to complain about players being unhappy with training.
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