Ryan Mason

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This is precisely why we need to keep hold of him...
If CONTE rates him, that's good enough for me...
And if circumstances brought them together, then so be it... SOMETHING good might finally have come out of that horrific brain injury... Let's not forget the journey Ryan has been through to get here...

One of our own.
I'd dial down the' there's people that 'hate' Mason' and the odd ' we know who you are' senator Mccarthy weirdness. People on the Internet talk guff about football is as significant as absolutely nothing. They have way less power and influence than you seem to be giving them credit for. In fact for general overwrought weirdness they sound alot like you. I say this with love.

Before his injury; Mason was being touted as a future coach. Following his move to Hull, Spurs assured Mason that he would always be welcome back once his playing career was done. Unfortunately this happened a lot sooner than anyone could have anticipated.

He is highly intelligent, articulate and hard working. And most of all, he is a fantastic bloke and very professional.

I for one hope that he goes on to be our head coach.
He may be highly intelligent compared to you but there is nothing about Mason that screams that Mensa will be knocking on his door anytime soon.
Moura was our highest rated player in that game - so starting him ahead of Bale was effective in keeping the score 0-0.
Even for you this is absolute nonsense. All this shows if we are to believe the ratings are that he wasn’t as shit as everyone else. What has Moura’s rating got to do with us keeping the score at 0-0? Was he playing in goal?
Hilarious coming from you.

Bale is a winger .. if he's being brought in its for Lucas or Bergwijn. Bale has fuck all to do with the equation unless you play him as a 10 vs Man City, in which case good fucking luck. Winks was played ahead of other central midfield options, not Bale. Then Bale was brought on relatively early in the game, and we lost it with him on the pitch.

You and the rest of the Mason hate brigade are so relentlessly dull. Still banging on about one decision a manager who was here a week made in a final. Get the fuck over it and move on. Guy was managing his first game in football on ridiculously short notice at the age of 29, and he went with some familiarity and a more cautious midfield vs arguably the best side in football.

Career over. Let's mock/attack Mason as much as possible and not just be pleased he's in the coaching staff. Bang on about him not starting Bale in one game rather than the fact he got far more out of the man overall than the 15m a year manager did.
Complete nonsense as usual. Well done.

Repeating the same shite over and over again doesnt mean playing one of our worst players in the centre of midfield against one of the best teams in the league in a cup final is a good idea.
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That's not wine, that's straight vermouth.

(Fuck; who's idea was it for us to drink Cinzano as kids???? .....I can understand the appeal of Malibu or Southen Comfort, but that shit????)
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