Ryan Mason

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Team Tanguy

Each Baz like = I give him a call <3
Looked like he belonged there. Plays with self-belief and no fear. Have faith that Poch will keep him active and encourage his already forward-thinking passing.
I'm in a good mood, if the missus plays her cards right she might get some action.

Thought starting him was highly unlikely, fair play, did as well as could be expected, didn't look out of place at all. Excellent
What a message to the squad. First with Dier and now with Mason, Poch is saying that if you play with passion and you bring energy, you will play. No matter the circumstances. Poch is simultaneously creating competition and comaraderie amongst the players. Hats off to Ryan Mason for grabbing the golden ring.
Sure Ryan Mason did well in his debut but lets not get carried away with his injury history he needs to be game managed.
But yes he will be very handy over the season particularly as he has goal scoring capabilities and gives the impression of playing fwd, the poch way.


Good performance, Kane, mason, Dier 3 solid english youth players, might end up like Southampton at this rate knocking out young players.
Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing one of our own do well. Obviously you pick players based on how good they are, not whether they have come through the academy, but it is extra sweet when you know they're a yid.
Any fucker can spend money on bringing in players, takes a long time and a lot of effort to spot a kid with potential, coach him up, look after him and his mum &dad.

Sack baldini and give our Academy coaches / scouts a pay rise
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