Ryan Sessegnon


Surprised we don’t have a thread for this one already considering how close the media seem to be suggesting it is.

Standard YouTube clips



Apparently it also involved one of our players going to Fulham, not sure who!
Just was told, my own private Idaho ITK not going to go further as I will be called a cunt again.

You’re not a cunt so who is it?

Not a bad shout for a season loan


There is no such thing as an ITK unless they work for the club, sure Ryan Ssesegnon might have told his cousin he's going to Spurs and that's done the rounds thru the cousin in a big game of Chinese whispers.

I'd prefer In the Knows (they don't know) to be called assumers with the good ones being called POSA's provider of sound assumption.

" My source confirms Roberto Baggio is flying in for talks"

" Whose your source"

"I can't reveal my source":dembelefingers:


Tea Lady
The reports at the start of the window seemed to suggest it was a double deal with Steven, but there's no mention of that in the latest articles.
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