S11E20 - From Tottenham to Newcastle

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Paul Gascoigne

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The premiership is trying to base itself on NFL lines.
Since its inception the tv coverage has dominated the program.
Monday night football when fans are supposed to travel from Manchester to Southampton and lose a days holiday and get home at 6am!

BUT in NFL the teams are further apart, the arena is sold out to home fans mostly on season tickets. Also, and most importantly, they have the draft system where the lowest teams get 1st choice of the college players, this evens up the possibilities and gives everyone a chance of being in the super bowl.

What we have now is a septic league where more than half of the teams are owned by foreign individuals or countries. Given the fact that only 4 teams can qualify for the Champions League, this makes the race extreme as the money from this competition will finance the next rush of finance.

Ultimately the UAE will contest Saudi Arabia and any other Finance sources.

Leicester winning the league was a breath of fresh air and they have since been close to the top 4 places, due to good management and quality scouting. They are almost alone in challenging the top 4 and it will never happen again. It reminded me of Clough's Forest breaking through, but circumstances now will determine that they would not be able to do it now.

If this continues, we will be owned by foreigners, paying foreigners to play for us and oh it's already happened !
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