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Sounds like he's heading to West Brom on loan. It's strange that he can't get a game in the Champ yet they want him still in the Prem.

If he gets there soon, maybe he can put in a good word with Berahino for us?


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Will be interesting to see how he does at West Brom. I'll keep my eye out for him. Was one of my favourite players at his peak.


wrong nearly always


Wasn't the reason that we sold him that our medical department thought he'd lost his ability to twist and turn after the knee injury - he's certainly never looked the same since the injury away at QPR.


I should have gone to Spurs, they all Loco too!
If we had that wonderful, crazy man in our midfield last night, we would have smashed them.
I consider him as big a loss as Bale, and remember watching him pick up that injury live, it is seared on my memory.
I love Dembele. He is a great player. Yet I wonder if we really sometimes need a player who can get into the box from that position by passing and going for the return against a packed defence. Like Mason did when he scored against Sunderland and got injured.
It just gets too predictable for the defending team when nothing is coming from deep midfield to unsettle.
Just give nobody any room, hold the Line.
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