Sat 29 Dec Liverpool versus Woolwich

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One of those perverse occasions when you genuinely want the scum to win. But going on the Brighton performance can't see it happening. Our only hope is that the Woolwich are the type of wankers who only want to play in the big occasions.
Avoid game, avoid updates, avoid text messages.

Check final score. React with the mildest "Oh" you can muster as you realise we are either 3 points behind Liverpool, 4 points behind Liverpool and 9 points ahead of the Arse or 10 points ahead of the Arse (assuming we beat Wolves)


Master of Negotiations
Today I watched a video of that bug-eyed, whore's abortion, Troopz, ranting after their game against Brighton. Someone needs to pistol-whip that clown.


Eric sends his regards
Can't bring myself to want the scum to win so would settle for a draw, thank you football gods. Van Dyke colliding with Salad taking them both out for the season would be the icing.
Come on Woolwich; do not let me down

Bet you had a chuckle to yourself posting that. Most everyone here reeling in disgust and embarasssment.

If you put all of woolwich in their shitty library stadium and melted it down (would probably self-melt naturally) the residue of essence left at the end would be this clown. I’ve met the occasional decent old goon knocking about who remembers when they were shit pre-Wenger, but the entitled twat generation who grew up in the prem era like this mouth breather are the fucking worst.

They are the bugs to Pocho’s Roughnecks


Surely we all have to cheer on the goons. Imagine their fans getting a famous win at anfield, ending Liverpool's lossless streak only to not be able to celebrate properly because they know the consequence of what they've just done
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