Save Our Spurs (December 2000)

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Had a sort out at home and found this print out. It's back from when the Internet was in it's infancy, not many forums and certainly no Twitter. I was an angry teenager who had just watched us melt against lower league Birmingham at home in the League Cup. This was an email mailing from the 'Save Our Spurs' group. Sugar is Chairman. Spurs are still a PLC.

Seems especially relevant today as this is essentially where the Sugar story ended and the Levy story began. A bit of history for the younger ones and a look back on what has changed, or not, in the last 14 years.

Hopefully this link works (first time I have uploaded a PDF). Should be interesting reading for some.
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This is the match report. The Paxton Road end that evening was absolute venom. 2nd half; Sugar / Graham, everyone in the team, got a massive non-stop cunting. I often think that so much energy was used that one night that it explains why barely anyone in the Paxton has the energy to murmur these days.

And the team. If you think today's mob are nothing special, just look at this.

Tottenham: Sullivan, Carr, Freund, Perry, Anderton, Sherwood, Ferdinand, Korsten, Thatcher, Clemence, Vega. Subs: Walker, Young, Doherty, Davies, Dominguez.

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We have had some crappy players/managers/results over the years..... I just try to put them out of my mind but then posts like this bring it all flooding back!
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