Schadenfreude from the halfway line

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Could it be that you are the Woolwich talisman? :gallashmm:[/quote]

[There is now absolutely no fucking chance whatsoever Woolwich might even come close to scoring 3 away goals in Germany. This means 4pm Sunday 3 March WHL will now be the biggest game for Woolwich]

What is really important now is we all MUST advise, support, endorse and help all Woolwich fans to ensure and assist keep Wenger in his job, the allegedly french paedo is still a propa football genius.

ONE :goonermong: :goonermong: :goonermong:


The Fighting Cock
Every year, for the last 12 years, there is one night when a small group of us have always had a propa well good drinking celebration involving many, many pints the night after Woolwich ALWAYS get kicked out of the Champions League.

For the last eight years, each year, this has also usually involved extra beers to celebrate both the continued totally dusty trophy cabinet confirmation yet again at the Effemirates, and the hugely entertaining (and contractually obliged) apoplectic interviews with Wenger on TV.

This year we are faced with a dilemma and would like to ask fellow TFC members their views on which one of the following four nights we should book up in advance to get massively pissed yet again this year for this traditional annual celebration. (We probably can't do all of them)
All advice, and any recommendations, gratefully received.

1. Feb 17 tmrw night - as Blackburn did a Bradford today ruling out any hope of any silverware.

2. Feb 20 Wed night - the night after Robben, Ribery, Pizarro and Kroos make it 0:4 in the 1st leg.

3. Feb 27 Wed night the night after Woolwich lose away 8:2 in Munich.

4. 6pm Sunday 3 March


FROFL. Brilliant idea.

I want to come to this.
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