Scott Houghton with an afro - Marcus Edwards

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Well, having played 30 minutes of a pre season friendly against the Italian Champions on the other side of the planet, I think we can all agree that Marcus Edwards is the single greatest player to ever play the sport of football.
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Moments that changed football..

I've been doing some reading involving over training hindering human growth potential and the entire time I couldn't help but think about Marcus Edwards. Last I could find Edwards is ~170cm. Granted, I don't know the height of his father (or uncles or brothers if he has any), but no matter how you cut it he is below the average height for his age.


I'm sure that Edwards' growth has been closely monitored by the club over the years, but at 17 he is certainly still going through puberty and could be subject to adolescent growth spurts within the next few years. It's very well established that youth athletes have to be extremely careful about the activities they perform while in these periods. With periods of growth comes a temporary decline in coordination and balance and given that this period can sometimes last for months, it would be very unfortunate if Edwards was judged too harshly while training with the 1st team.

This is certainly not a subject that anyone other than the training staff at the club would be able to answer, but I am very curious if these more skilled junior players that are training with the first team are still being as closely monitored now that they're not fully in the youth setup.


Thought this kid deserves a thread. Recent news coming that he has signed a pro-contract with the club.

He was followed by almost every major club and was considered a jewel of Europe by Barcelona scouts who wanted him to sign for La Masia.

He has long been considered one of the most talented young players in England. Hopefully Poch's dream of having an Academy 11 starting for Spurs ends up with this jewel in the middle!

Never going to make it, the lad simply isn’t willing to work hard. Comparing him to Messi was probably one of the dumbest things Poch has ever done, after that quote this boy put his slippers on and hasn’t taken them off since.

He literally said he reminded him a little bit of Messi. Due to size and left foot.

And that he needed to work hard to make it.

I think that then blaming Poch for Marcus deciding to not work hard on his game is pushing it tbh.
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