Scott Houghton with an afro - Marcus Edwards

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Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Serie A begins tomorrow.

Italy's Serie A followed suit with the Premier League last year with a self-imposed early deadline the day before the start of the season and will do so again for 2019/20.

It is a similar move designed to protect clubs from having their players unsettled by transfer business after the start of the season. That being said, it would still be possible for Italian clubs to register free agents until the blanket European deadline at the start of September.
The Fifa transfer window calender lists it as closing on September 2




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A novelty compared to last year when, before the previous years, the deadline to file Lega contracts was set on August 17th, the day before the start of Serie A. A return to old habits, then.


wrong nearly always
It's really interesting to read people predictions about Edwards, apparantly we should have sold Sissoko 2 and a half years ago and given his place to an 18 year old Marcus Edwards:

I wonder what happened to that Schmood guy. Seemed to talk a lot of nonsense.
Backing a Spurs youngster.

Strike me down!

We're all wrong sometimes.

Not that you'll ever admit it
I have deleted my previous posts wrongly stating that Italy TW was closing early. Apologies.
According to BBC Serie A window closes 19:00 on 2 September.
But nothing recent about Udinese.
I imagine it must be somewhat sobering for him to now be playing at an obscure portuguese club after all the hype.

Hope he knuckles down and makes the most of his talent.


“......Thank you to everyone who's helped me get this far, the learning process never stops and I'm excited to continue at @VitoriaSC1922

Looks about as excited as Lennon did to end up at Everton.

Don’t know what to make of this one, but have to assume he was not quite good enough in the end.
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