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Its not lies in fairness
The whole 9-years-old is a stupid argument tbf. The liquidation and formation of a new corporation does not erase the connection. Clubs are more like nations in that regard, would you say Russia didn’t win WW2 as it was the USSR of France as it was the third republic?
There’s a relation of succession between them.
It's fecked right enough it been a source of contempt for years it means some teams end up playing more home games than others plus you can play one team 3 times at home, thus playing one game on their patch! At the end the league splits in a top six,bottom six. Top six going for the championship,ha,ha and bottom six avoiding relegation. Bottom team goes down,second bottom goes into a play-off with the 2nd,3rd and 4th them in following? Odds are stacked against the championship team they play 4 games to qualify for the play-off then play again against premiership team,home first leg it's a long drawn out affair....and when league is finished team that's in 6 position could have less points than the team in 7th.

Anyone who has had anything to do with that needs to get in the fucking sea.


I'm very rarely proud of myself
I know our traditional allegiance in Scotland is with Aberdeen. But a more logical one for me would be Hearts. Capital city. Decent support and history, although the latter more recently restricted to a few occasional cup wins. Aberdeen seem more akin to a Nottingham Forest: unlikely big trophies but an irrelevant outpost geographically and competitively most of the time. Hearts fans at our Europa meetings were a good bunch. Hate the Old Firm - rightly - and have embarrassing neighbours.
Fucking irrelevant outpost? Words, for once, fail me.


I'm very rarely proud of myself
I believe it stems from the "casual" football hooligans from the 80's. Aberdeen hate Rangers, who have a long standing friendship/connection with Chelsea (far right politics mainly). Kind of like "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"
Aberdeen’s first competitive match against an English team was Spurs in 73. It’s my understanding connections were made then and increased over the next few years. A bit of a lull in the early eighties when both were strong in Europe, but later, when English teams were banned, a lot of Spurs followed Aberdeen abroad. And it’s still a thing today between what’s left of Spurs mob and Aberdeen Soccer Casuals.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
The thing with the Livingston manager is fucking stupid.

If you want to do a well and proper test or whatever it is called on him because of his criminal past (selling drugs and money laundering) then shouldn't you have done so before he got the job instead of after he has gotten it and taken Livingston on a 10 game undefeated run?

Not to mention that it was 15 years or so ago and he served majority of his sentence, got himself a degree and then worked his way up the club ladder at Livingston. Starting off as a two night a week groundsman volunteer all the way up to first team coach over a span of years? Surely this guy is rehabilitated and should be used as a positive example if anything?


Where's the Kaboom?
I was told Eddie Howe about a month or so ago. Not hearing anything different today.

Might stop some maniacs on here demanding he replace Jose.
i think Howe would be good for celtic

Lampard would fucking hilarious. with his and Gerrard's record of being shite whenever they get within 100 yards of each other, they might both fail to win the title
I do get that. But why? There seems so little commonality between a London club and a very much provincial one? Is it simply anti establishment i.e. anti Celtic/Rangers Arse/Chavs? Apologies for the ignorance.
I believe it stems from the "casual" football hooligans from the 80's. Aberdeen hate Rangers, who have a long standing friendship/connection with Chelsea (far right politics mainly). Kind of like "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"


end of an era
Yes, it's fucked. The old firm asset stripped the competition and allowed any talent to decay in favour of expensive imports like Tore Andre Flo.

Rangers had a chance in their recent catastrophe to build a formidable home grown team from the ground up. A Scottish Ajax developing together for years in preparation for a return to the domestic top flight. I assume such a project never even occurred to the cunts. Instead we had a few more years of Lee McCulloch and now Kenny Miller leads the line upfront five years down the road back to glory.

The structure of the league is an abortion of ill conceived experiment. Fraught with corruption and half-baked religious divide, the future looks as grey as a night out in Aberdeen.

The home of football is now a footballing dystopia, unimaginable were it not reality.

McGinn, Tierney, McKay... get out now, by any means possible.
So is this right:
Warburton/ his team agent approached Rangers & asked for them to be released from their contracts, resign, without incurring any compensation when Forest approached Warburton.
The club agreed. Even though they would lose a lot of money in that compensation which was inserted into Warburton and team's contract when they signed a new financially beneficial contract.
Then Forest appoint someone else and the agent for Warbuton/team wants to reverse that decision and now they don't want their resignations accepted.
Rangers board meet and say no, we will accept their resignations as they obviously were not committed to us, we'll find someone who is.
I am sorry, if this is how it is then Rangers are in the right and Warburton has lost some respect.
No clue. They’ve said they’ve got an idea, but aren’t letting on what it is. I’m suspicious.

Theres a rumour about a plan to decrease from four leagues to three and increase teams to 14 per league. I believe this means no relegation from any league and all teams in promotion places would be promoted. But it wouldn’t involve the a Highland league or the other league in the south of Scotland, therefore fucking up the pyramid. No clue if this is the Rangers plan though.
Well cheers for clearing that up......🤪


Up The Spurs
In my isolation boredom I’ve been watching loads of old football videos, including some quite obscure ones.

I lived in Edinburgh for a few years and, whilst I’m not a Hibs fan, this cup final win was epic for them after over 100 years without the trophy... and beating the shitbags from R*ngers is always good to see.

Lovely spicy aftermath too followed by a beautiful rendition of Sunshine On Leith.

Again, I realise that this is of little interest to anyone.

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