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Agree that's a good price, I think I'd rather spend the £15m on Morelos though if there was a choice.

Morelos looks a proper decent player, I know the Scottish League is not as strong but some players came out of it like VVD, Waynama (before the knee issues) etc. I would be happy to go for him.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Celtic are going to have to go into rebuild mode now.

I am almost willing to be money on them putting in a bid on Henrik Larsson's kid now that he has found form in Russia.


end of an era
I think he would get a period of goodwill from the supporters... he was great for them back in the day... but the players will be another challenge altogether. I think they’d take some convincing. He was decent as the Colchester and Norwich boss for a very short time. But I also think Celtic should go for someone bigger. They need a statement to reassert their authority in Glasgow.
Doesn't get much bigger for Celtic than Lambert


end of an era
winning today effectively ensures them the title, but I think they mathematically win it if Celtic fail to in or they win the old firm next week.

Shame no crowd for that match! could have been cracking
The town has been fucked all weekend. Cunts setting fire to random shit and stabbing each other.

If Rangers hadn't won the league, it would be just another weekend in Sunny Glasgow.


end of an era
looks good from whenever I have seen him but I guess a gamble but the price might be good. Who would you go for?
From the Rangers side? Not sure any are that exciting. Ryan Kent is pretty good but I think we have plenty of that kind of talent.
If Greegsy was younger I'd sign him.
I'm fine with them claiming the old 55 titles....... providing they pay the taxes they owe and creditors screwed over by them going bust.
...isn't our current owner a tax exile (who also had shares in Rangers)?

They have a few good young players coming through in the next few years if they continue to develop, I like Leon King and Kai Kennedy who haven't made many 1st team appearances yet and Nathan Patterson looks like he has potential at full back.
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