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Where Will We Finish?

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It would do good to remember that it was only a few weeks ago that we lost to Brighton & United and drew with Brentford. Against Liverpool we have to play 'anti-football' to scrape a point.

Ergo....we have a way to go before we can achieve consistency and quality to out play opponents.

On the flip side, Son, Kane and Kulu look like the best front 3 in the Prem and our defence has been very well organised. If we can add a consistent threat from our wing backs in wide positions we could legitimately have a crack at the league title.

This season may very well be decided by whomever deals with the world cup hangover the best.
As the WuM presenter on TalkSport said - Spurs had half a season off and still finished above Woolwich. Woolwich who spent £150m and have had a coach in place for 2 full seasons. And they're proud of that.
What makes it even more funny, they spent it on defender's and a goalkeeper and let in more goals than the previous season
I vote first, but then I would have done that when Gerry Francis was manager.

As a club, I think we should say that 3rd is par for us, 4th the minimum acceptable. I say that because of how Chelsea finished the season, no Roman and the players they are losing for free. I think under Conte, we were the 3rd best team in the league and that's without the summer transfers to come.

I bet Conte is aiming to challenge for the title this season.
We’ll be third

We have the third best manager in the league and after a couple of signings the third best team in the league

Hopefully we can go deep in the cup comps to give us the chance of a trophy

Chavs will drop off and finish 4th in my view

United 5th

West Ham 6th

Goons 7th


Lol Matt1882 Matt1882

Terrible timing for this poll.
Come back in 3 months and see which players all teams have brought in first.


But seriously, we'll finish 1st.
I said 1st for a laugh but my genuine hope for next season would be something along the lines of:

- Finish in the top 3, any higher a major bonus.
- Compete in all cups and win one of the damn things, any one of them. Anything more, again a bonus.
- Turn our home into a fortress. We've been far too soft at the new place since the move. Improve on that and the first two hopes above may well take care of themselves.

At this point, even off the back of a weird season - with above average points for CL qualifying - we are in a genuine position of strength if we conduct our business properly over the next couple of seasons. Manchester United are way off where they should be and we have to capitalise on that. Woolwich have definitely improved but hopefully the lack of CL, again, will hinder them. Chelsea will be an unknown quantity going forward, you have to imagine that they will not have the financial muscle they've become accustomed to over the last two decades. West Ham are a silly little nothing club who have hit their ceiling and we shouldn't be concerning ourselves with them. City and Liverpool are still obviously going to be strong, but there's always a strange wobbly season in either of them and if there is we need to be team to take advantage.

Unless Brentford do a Leicester 😂


Up The Spurs! Slava Ukraini! 🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦
We win the lot.

An outbreak of monkey pox across the north of England will fuck the bin dippers and oily boys. United will get relegated and Chavs won’t exist due to forced liquidation from financial irregularities. Spam also go down and are forced to groundshare with Dagenham.

Don’t wake me up please!

I don't think we have a chance at the title, primarily because of the fixture congestion with CL and how compressed the season will be with a WC smack in the middle of it. We might find ourselves lacking that little extra depth we would need. But 2nd or 3rd is quite realistic. Top 4 I would say almost a certainty. (and interestingly the bookies have United as more likely to make Top 4 lol)

So I wouldn't be too upset if we finished 4th again, but made a deep run in the CL (maybe even the final again?) and won one of the domestic cups. I'm pretty sure Conte would be upset though, so maybe that might give us that extra push.

I have a dream that a thread such as this can prevent the need for threads such as:

'The Race for Top 4'
'Have We Won The League Yet?'
'Does Kate Mason Know I Exist Yet?'

Also, I can't wait for the season to start so had to look when fixtures are out - 9am Thursday 16th June!

Bring it on! We're winning everything!
I think if we have at least 20 points after 10 games, playing good football, and no bad losses, we’ll be threatening a title race. Otherwise Conte may peace out by Xmas. I don’t think it’ll be a full year scrap to 4th with Conte. It’ll be better or he’s gone.
I think if we have at least 20 points after 10 games, playing good football, and no bad losses, we’ll be threatening a title race. Otherwise Conte may peace out by Xmas. I don’t think it’ll be a full year scrap to 4th with Conte. It’ll be better or he’s gone.
100%. I think we finish in the top 2 next season but need City to blow up somehow….. they have so many good players it’s almost impossible solely on the pitch but perhaps their bastard owners get embroiled in some sort of deviant, sex scandal that their army of lawyers can’t cover up….. and fuck off
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