Serge Aurier

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Oh dear, not the responses on twitter to this article that I'll bet they'd have wanted...

I don't condone what Aurier said at all, but this self-righteousness is making me fucking queasy.
Almost makes me wonder if they'd have rather he drunk drove and killed a 19 year old woman like Alonso did rather than something 'homophobic'.
Youre missing the point its not the foul throw that marks him out as a fucking idiot, its the fact that he did it once was caught and yet was still stupid enough to do it again not once but fucking twice IN FORTY FIVE FUCKING MINS .

He's supposed to be a fucking professional footballer, if my own child had been stupid enough to do that id have grounded him for 3 months. He's 8. I stand by my comments Serge should be shot in the face.... From close range .
You seem like a reasonable bloke.
I think he's being unfairly targeted for the penalty. He had to challenge. Kroos was 4 yards out and about to be clear. He commenced the slide BEFORE Kroos lost control of the ball so that's an unfair criticism they blamed on him. He wasn't to know and it isn't expected that a player of Kroos' quality would lose control.

If he hadn't had challenged and Kroos scored he'd have been butchered. How many times you see pundits say ''do something''. A bit like when Walker pushed Sterling last year.

Anyway, he had Marcelo in his pocket and Ronaldo barely went near him after their last combat.

He was very good tonight.

River Lea Banks

Aurier turning up at Arteta's office tommorow:

Airfixx Here to help.
What I would say about the second yellow is that, if that's a yellow, S'oton should have received a fair few more than they did throughout the game.
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Life is far more important than football. My condolences to Serge and his family.

Serge the player can make us want to pull out our hair. But Serge the human deserves all of our support and backing right now.

Mrs Perryman

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I do get a bit annoyed with people fixating on one mistake, especially when Serge played well the rest of the game. I admire him for getting on the pitch at all, and love how he has the support of the management and team mates to get through a horrific time.
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