Sergei Rebrov

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He was mustard with Shevchenko at Dynamo. I remember people were generally very excited by his signing, we paid decent money for him back then as well. Shame it never worked out.
I was one of them....
But unfortunately, it was like a Theatre booking 'Cannon' without 'Ball' or 'Wise' without 'Morecambe' for their Summer's just not the same!

Rebrov & Shevchenko were a *double act...

The only time we really got it right was Ardiles & Villa!

* just to prove the point that it doesn't ALWAYS work out, you only have to look at our misguided 'double act' signings of Etherington & Davies, then Dawson & Reid ...only Dawson really worked out there!!
I saw him play at Wembley for Ukraine and he was man of the match
Like any good player, if you play to his strengths he'll do well for you, not rocket science

His first season with us I thought he was pretty decent. Probably better than Schevchenko at the Filth. Hoddle took against him, destroyed his value so by the time we sold him it was for buttons.
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