Sergio Reguilón

I think Carvajal got a bad injury and Mendy is forced to play at RB with Marcelo at LB. I reckon they need an RB more than an RB right now.

I don’t expect Reguilon to be here too long though. Unless Levy can make some sort of gentlemen’s agreement with Perez.
He's going to be very important player us this season. I've only seen few games since joining spurs, but i think he's an one of the top players in europe, and having elite WB like him makes huge difference in quality of football team.
I think we don't need to worry too much about Reggie leaving any time soon. Marcelo might be in the decline but RM spent 50M on Mendy just last year. Reggie is third down the pecking order where at Spurs he is clearly first choice.

He has to want to go back to be booed on the bench. There are so many variables that it isn't worth worrying about just yet. Add to that and we make money on the deal too.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
So much energy and purpose. I’m sure he’ll fuck up from time to time just because he’s so aggressive and committed. The run he made late in the game where he was crashing the front post and almost connected with the cross is the initiative and courage we’ve been missing the last few years.

He would have fit in brilliantly in the 2016/2017 side when Walker and Rose were at their best. Pochettino would have loved him, which is the highest praise you can give a fullback in my view.
Very good player.

Not expecting him to be here long. Madrid will activate the buy back clause.
I just hope they'll do it too fast and he won't agree to individual terms, deciding to stay with us. We might be fighting for every trophy and he gets along with team and Mou, while Madrid might be in pieces as it seems they struggle a lot this season.


Can’t tell you how much I love what he says in that article - about the club, his attitude, Bale, everything.

This boy is class - and a winner.
They have Mendey and some other young lad.

I think we'll keep hold of him.... Unless RM get a bid of 60m, I think we'll just end up paying them a bit more cash somewhere down the line.
It depends what happens with Zidane as well. Apparently he doesn't rate Regy. If he leaves and the new manager does, then he may want Regy back.
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