Seriously. What The F*ck?!

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The Fighting Cock
Sibs said:
Case said:
I reckon he's got Balotelli on the back of his shirt.



The Fighting Cock
I remember a 'fan' queuing outside the East Stand in the 90s that had a pin badge for both Spurs and Woolwich. Xmas time NLD (0-0). A steward and myself could not understand his reasoning on how it was okay to support both clubs.
Some of the stewards we get these days at the lane you couldn't talk to them even if you had a note pad and pen. Trying to get us to sit down is a nightmare.
depends on what age you are with regards to supporting both spurs and the other lot. There's still a lot of the older generation who do that when it was acceptable to go to both grounds on alternating weekends. Football is a lot more tribal nowadays and has been for the past 40 years though so anyone under the age of about 60 is a little retarded to do that.

As far as the original scarf man goes, that is the perfect image to explain my growing dislike of modern football. While it's not that bad at WHL since getting into the CL I've seen borderline twatishness with some of our "fans" too. Even the lack of atmosphere during non "big" games is a sign. Yesterday was a prime example for large periods of the game. The team winning and playing some great stuff and QPR fans still out sang us for the majority of the time until we scored our 3rd goal. Sign of the times at all moderately successful football clubs sadly.
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