Sheffield United vs Tottenham Hotspur | Sunday 17th Jan, KO: 14:00

1-1 draw.

thank fuck I can log off and forget about this shower of shit for a few blessed days.

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So we are all over them and go one up in the first half and then we come out in the second half and just. stop. playing.
We let them crawl all over us for 30 minutes and then they score.
Jose is then spurred into action but the game ends 1-1.

There, saved you 90 minutes of your time, you can do something useful instead.

You‘re welcome.


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We'll probably draw this tbh.

They'll be alot more up for it than we are and two of our worst performances last season were against this club.

Aurier - Alderweireld - Dier - Reguilon
Hojberg - Ndombele
Bergwijn - Dele - Son
Ah, who am I kidding.

Theres far too many attackers in that line up.

Aurier - Alderweireld - Dier - Reguilon
Ndombele - Hojbjerg - Dele
Son - Kane - Bale

Pigs might fly as well....

But if Jose or his team are reading, please give us all a fucking massive hard-on and play that side. Just for a laugh. It's Sheffield fucking Utd, one of the worst teams in the history of this league FFS.

Aurier - Alderweireld - Dier - Reguilon
Hojbjerg - Sissoko
Bergwijn - Ndombele - Son

Back to what made us solid before this crap run we're on. Two solid holders in front of the back line, allowing the rest to push forward. Bergwijn is integral, hope he's fit.
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