Should Bale Return To Spurs?

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Should Bale Return To Spurs?

  • Yes

    Votes: 170 40.5%
  • No

    Votes: 199 47.4%
  • Unsure

    Votes: 51 12.1%

  • Total voters
Would he improve our team? Yes he would. He would bring experience and an unpredictability that the opposition would fear. He would also bring depth and open up new options.
He would also break our wage structure and give other players a precedent to ask for more money.
We cant pay his wages and he wont take a pay-cut. There are other teams in the PL that are willing to pay way more than what he is worth and considering his age he would pick one of those.
He is clearly not in shape (judging by his injury history) to be a regular starter in the PL, especially under someone like Poch.
Right now for the club it makes no sense to invest in a player that cant play at high intensity for an entire season in the PL. Its to big of a gamble.
So no he should no come back. I would love him back. He is one of the players that made me a fan (I only started watching football around8-10 years ago)
Not happening.

For lots of reasons, principally overall cost and indirectly linked would be a body that is fragile.

And ask yourself what would his motivation be?

No doubting his quality but this ship has sailed.
Bale was a one off. Yet Levy thinks this is a new business model. That's why they look at Grelish rather than a proper player. Winks, not good enough. Skipp not good enough. Everyone we are linked with is some "wonderkid". We need decent players NOW.
Antes de entrar dejen salir= Before entering let out. So the Real will buy players but first he must sell and Bale is a sure output.

Even if Bale was available on a free transfer and £350k per week wages - hugely optimistic - we could for the same money get a younger £50m player on £100k per week for four years. That's not even considering that they'd have resale value and Bale wouldn't. The only reason we're even talking about this is nostalgia and there's no way that'll influence the club's decision: if Bale hadn't played for us we'd all be aghast at the idea of this transfer.
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