Spurs have made me fall in love with football

Am new here, wanted to introduce myself. Discovered this forum a few months ago, have been entertained by it since, and thought this was a good time to finally contribute.

First things first, I want to acknowledge what an incredible job the players and manager have done to reach the CL Final and get top 4, given the crazy injury problems across the squad and lack of investment.
When I was a child, in the naughties, I used to follow football quite closely without supporting any team. I loved watching CL knock-out games (the theme tune still gives me goose bumps) in particular. However soon football really started to change for the worse, and I nearly lost faith in the sport. Man City, owned by a despotic regime, started slowly buying up mercenaries. Manchester United are now seemingly reliant on bribing Raiola to keep competitive. Meanwhile the cost of watching football, on Sky and BT, has become astronomical. Fans are extorted to fund mercenaries, super-agents, and UAE Sheikhs.

In an ocean of darkness and corruption, Spurs are an island of hope for football. A few years ago I noticed how Spurs were the only big club who seemed to give a real chance to young talent, and rather than treating players like shit, actually showed faith in players who aren't yet proven. And that faith was repaid by the players. With every game I fell in love with the club more and more, and it made me believe that football is actually worth following. Relatively new fan of 3 years, but those late moments against Ajax and City were special.

Fans of other clubs brag about trophies as if it's their personal achievement. It's not an achievement to choose to support unethical clubs with crazy amounts of money who consistently win trophies. Barca/Real benefit from a rigged system of domestic funding. Meanwhile if I was a City fan I wouldn't be proud of anything, every win for them is a nail in the coffin for football.
Spurs are a club on the way up, and with the best stadium in the world and such a passionate squad and fanbase, I hope this season is the start of something special.

Transfer Plans:
This forum is full of entertaining arguments about players and transfer demands so thought I'd give my twopence.

OUT: Eriksen is a proven matchwinner (e.g. goal against Brighton), but has recently been inconsistent. With one year left on his contract, if his heart isn't in it, it would be wise to cash in and invest in a younger attacking mid. Trippier seems to be regressing, he's an obvious sale if the right offer comes in. Ald will be hard to hang onto given his 25M release clause.

IN: Presuming those 3 players leave, I would like us to sign 1 attacker, 2 midfielders and a RB.
I'd personally prefer Zaniolo in attack, but perhaps due to HG requirements it looks like we have Sessegnon instead. He wasn't great this season for Fulham but I trust in Poch magic.
2 midfielders: like everyone else on the forum I'm very much on the hype train for Lo Celso and Ndombele. Other rumoured players are a definite downgrade on those 2, but we look to be in pole position for both transfers. Winks and Sissoko have not only both been great this season, but complement each other well, we could have the second strongest mid behind City if we get the transfer window right.
In defence, Atal looks good enough on youtube to be an upgrade to Trippier. AWB would be ideal but he's set for United. Wouldn't worry about replacing Ald this summer, priorities elsewhere and I trust either Sanchez or Foyth to step up.

IN: Sessegnon (30M), Ndombele (65M), Lo Celso (60M), Atal (35M)
OUT: Eriksen (60M), Wanyama (5M) Trippier (25M), Ald (25M)
Net Spend: 75M (reportedly our budget)

Apologies if this got a bit long. Don't let frustration from one match cloud the season.
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