Spurs joint 6th biggest club - Sportsmail Study

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Seems about right. Though I would put Liverpool above Woolwich.

Of course each individual factor can easily be argued. Everton get a higher ranking for crowds than us, for example. But for me that's simply a by-product of our respective capacities. I've no doubt that when we get a bigger stadium we'll beat their average attendances. It's true that historic crowd figures are taken into account too, but I thought we edged Everton on that.

There was a table that showed we ranked only below Man Utd at one stage (IIRC), but I don't know where that is these days, can't find it through Google.

This site though (you have to click on the England flag far left)


shows that post-war we have topped average attendances more times than Everton, but it's a close run thing. They did considerably better in the 19th century, but figures were low then all round.
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Saw this

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So because Liverpool haven't yet upped their stadium size (which they will soon) they are smaller than Woolwich.

We would probably edge above Everton, but the other factors would ensure we wouldn't go higher than 6th overall. To me the new 'big 5' are also the 'historic big 5' as well now, as I weight recent achievements higher than what say, Everton and Villa achieved in the 19th century, for example.

Do you mean 20th century? sorry to be a pedantic twit, but if we are looking at 19th century then surely ' Old Etonians' would be right up there!!
And of course it looks at reported attendances, which are based on tickets sold, rather than actual attendances, which in a lot of cases, especially Woolwich's, are an awful lot lower...

Anyway, it's just a classic DM clickbait article designed to get the Internet Armies arguing.
So because Liverpool haven't yet upped their stadium size (which they will soon) they are smaller than Woolwich.

It's not just based on attendances, there are 6 factors involved, including trophies and league finishes.

Though I agree attendances are given tooo large a weighting.

Though I remember arguing in a pub once with someone who claimed Toon were bigger than us, and he came to that ridiculous conclusion basically because of attendances and what he perceived to be the case that Toon had a bigger global fanbase.

For me, the top 5 are the right clubs but Woolwich should be 3rd and Liverpool 2nd.
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