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20 August, 4 big matches.
1960, Everton 2-0, the double team plays its first match.
1966, Leeds 3-1, Mike England debut, the Mackay/Bremner incident.
1977, Sheffield United 4-2, start of the promotion season out of div 2.
1994, Sheffield Wednesday 4-3, Jurgen Klinsmann debut.
Remember attending that Sheffield Utd game like it was yesterday. A real mixture of fear and excitement. New division, new kit, new programme. I'm sure they went ahead as well, through Keith Edwards.
Osgood scored two pens that day, I think.
It's probably my favourite season for watching THFC.
Did all the home games, all London aways, plus Luton and Southampton.
Also got punched in the face by a Spurs fan, when coming out of the North Bank after the Pat Rice testimonial game 😬
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