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Right, it's been long enough (well, a year give or take) since we've enjoyed a pre-match pint in a Tottenham local... so, in the vein of the https://thefightingcock.co.uk/forum/threads/retro-spurs-photos.10301/ and a hybrid of https://thefightingcock.co.uk/forum/threads/tottenham-pubs-that-have-closed.878/... I wanna start a thread with pics and memories of all yer favourite pre-match build up Spurs pubs!

ANY pub, anywhere, inside or out... as long as you've had a pre-match pint in there!!

Gonna start with a few of the obvious ones off that Google Internet Image Search thing... but feel free to add your own personal pics... discuss, and disagree, or whatever...
It's probably gonna be next season at the earliest til we're allowed back in, so let's have a quick pre-match pint in here instead, before heading off to the virtual Ground (the Living room) to take our virtual seats (the sofa) for the virtual game (Sky/BT/Dodgy Stream.com!)
At least we've been able to beat the post-match traffic home these past 12 months!

I'll start the bidding:
The Beehive:

The Brickies:


Bill Nic:

No.8 (Bell & Hare) Garden:

...and I know it's closed, but... seeing as it's mooted to reopen one day:

Fill yer boots pint glasses!
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Up The Spurs
I used to pop into the one by Northumberland Park Station. Can’t remember what it was called. Followed by a merry walk up Park Lane and into WHL. Beautiful simple times.
Will be nice to be back here. Proper beer. Good community pub.

My venue of choice every time now unless im meeting up with people I havent seen a while in the Brickies. Only place other than the Gilpin round there that does a proper pint of handpull bitter
I'm SOOOO glad I started this thread!
...long may it continue.

Where's everyone drinking tomorrow before the game?
I'll be down the 1882Kitchen!
Years ago was either Bootlaces or the Coach. Pushed up towards Silver Street station when it got busier due to a few pubs closing, white horse and Crown and Anchor. Now come a different way in so usually the Beehive with a swift one before in the High Cross that used to be public toilets.






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When we were playing our home games at Wembley I used to have a few beers in Dirty Dicks, Liverpool Street/Bishopgate and then once in Wembley Park a few in The Parish.


Up The Spurs
When we were playing our home games at Wembley I used to have a few beers in Dirty Dicks, Liverpool Street/Bishopgate and then once in Wembley Park a few in The Parish.
Have to say, I had quite a nice routine of one or two drinks around Marylebone and then a very decent Pakistani restaurant in Wembley for pre match. It wasn’t all shit.
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