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Thelonious World Peace
Spotted an 'Up The Spurs' one on a bus tour of New York a little while back :vert:

that was done by me. :dude:

Those 'these colours don't run' ones are beyond cringey. Some of the stickers about in Istanbul were brilliant. The 'Up The Spurs' ones, aswell the Pride Of North London 'Now, Then, Forever' ones. That James Joyce spoons got plastered with 'em on the Friday night.

This reminds me though, that I've still got about 50 Charles Bronson / Tottenham boys we are here ones, aswell as the plain Blue/White tottenham boys we are here ones. I'll try splatter a few round Merseyside tomorrow.


Shelf Side Tottenham
Those 'these colours don't run' ones are beyond cringey.

They're made by Spurs fans just to make easy money.
One lad was putting up those 'these colours don't run' stickers at Sunderland at home and people were just ripping them straight down. West Ham behaviour.


Shelf Side Tottenham
Saw a great one on the High Road the other day. The text says "When Campbell dies" and it was a picture of loads of Orthodox Jews jumping up and down. There was another with jelly, ice cream etc on it.
Does anyone know where I can buy the "Now, Then, Forever" ones?
Palace away the pub was plastered with those N17 having a party when Campbell dies ones, the "Now Then Forever" are from the lads who have the flag with the same text, not
Sure they sell them
I'm guessing that's mocking Torpedo Moscow, Russian Ultras group are all white supremacists, so a rival group probably call them jid\jiduvka (Russian antisemitic slurs), so they took 2 identified "Jewish club" and the most recognized club from Israel
I like both but the ones on the right are quality.

Im a bit thick, so just to confirm - its 25 of each for £4 and 99P for postage?

I'll place an order by tonight, or when I come back from Magaluf.
I'll place an order by tonight, or when I come back from Magaluf.

Just to follow this up, should I order tonight? I dont want to come back and find they have all sold out!

BushHillSpurs BushHillSpurs Yes mate, if you want a larger quantity (200 odd) I can do at cheaper rates.

I'll only get 50 for now. Once the season starts it might be an idea to get more, but for the moment I wont be travelling too much to use them!
The ones on the left look more like Nawty Callin' cards...

Swap you a 1980 Keith Burkinshaw rare, a Shrewsbury Town Birch'n'Biggins, and a Derby County Shiny!!!!!!!
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