Spurs Stickers

Those 'these colours don't run' ones are beyond cringey. Some of the stickers about in Istanbul were brilliant. The 'Up The Spurs' ones, aswell the Pride Of North London 'Now, Then, Forever' ones. That James Joyce spoons got plastered with 'em on the Friday night.

This reminds me though, that I've still got about 50 Charles Bronson / Tottenham boys we are here ones, aswell as the plain Blue/White tottenham boys we are here ones. I'll try splatter a few round Merseyside tomorrow.
Saw a great one on the High Road the other day. The text says "When Campbell dies" and it was a picture of loads of Orthodox Jews jumping up and down. There was another with jelly, ice cream etc on it.
Does anyone know where I can buy the "Now, Then, Forever" ones?
Who are the Russian clubs (assuming they are Russian) mate? And I am guessing they have adopted a pro-jewish support? If so what is the history of this stance?
The club on the far left is Maccabi Haifa, an Israeli club so clear Jewish roots but the one in the middle left is Torpedo Moscow who's fans have been fined for displaying a Nazi flag during a match before so I don't get why they are included unless it was meant to be ironic.
all Moscow football clubs mostly have fans with the Nazi position, the Yid in the Russian fan world is more likely an insult, this sticker (Haifa, torpedo, Ajax) was made by Lokomotiv fans who hate torpedo.
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