Spurs v Villa

I never plan anything on a Monday night because I know work will be hectic after the weekend and I'm usually snowed under.

Even stayed up laaaate last night working through emails to try and get ahead of myself, no fucking good.



Can't wait for the game tonight, as Fulham seems ages ago now. It's annoying it's on a Monday as I usually play football Monday nights. Oh well, a Monday of BK, beer and Spurs isn't bad!
stuckonthegrid said:
Got another spare for tonights game as another no show. Park Lane lower and face value of course.

Not going to be on here so tweet me stuckonthegrid stuckonthegrid

Will be up there from about 6ish
Hmmmm.... Finish work at 4.30 + 2 1/2 hours driving (allowing for shocking traffic), I could nearly make it...

Would be a close run thing though. Might have to leave it.
Sorry to be a topic whore but Aston Villa have given Alan Hutton the job of Claudio Gentile(ing) Gareth Bale by the looks of things. Dodgy ankle+hamstring :bale: V Disgruntled Coked up Scotsman :fu:
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