Spurs Videos

I agree, why the fuck do we need a manager's team talk when we could just play some of these to the players 5 minutes before kick off.

Fuck I think I could win a match after watching that (and I'm proper shit).


The Fighting Cock
Christ the music on that one is fucking terrible! haha

Sandro was immense. TBH I had no idea Palacios was that good on the night as well.
Makes me a little sad watching it back seeing how far Wilson fell. Loved him but it was the right time to move him on.

Hope he gets back to his best at Stoke. His incessant fouling will be appreciated while his inability to pass will be largely ignored.


The Fighting Cock
I played the first one to my Mum earlier and she started crying haha. She's not even into football or anything really but such is the power of the video!

I realise by mentioning my Mum on a forum, I leave myself wide open for abuse. (much like her legs etc...yes, very good.)
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